Comprehensive solution for your reference data management.

OpenVal is the first multi-society security master file solution on the market.

A Securities Master File is particularly useful for those Banks and other Financial Organisations that need an instrument catalogue, or that obtain their financial data from a variety of external and internal data feeds and other sources. Instead of being concerned with many interfaces and countless rules to manage different flows of incoming data, our data model allows you to store and manage all this data on a single, centralized in-house data-base.

OpenVal manages:

  • The selection and delivery of the incoming data
  • The conversion and mapping of the various feeds Storage and management of the selected data
  • The export of the data to the various in-house systems
  • Automatic opening of new securities and up-date of associated data

    How does OpenVal work …

    • Using OpenVal you create a database in your own organisation, ready to accept and manage all your financial information (securities, prices, corporate actions, basic data, historical data ...)
    • This database can collect and store information from as many providers as you want – TELEINVEST VALOS, SIX Financial Information, Bloomberg, Reuters, Financial Times, etc.
    • Using OpenVal, you are able to choose precisely the information which you need from each server. Additional data may be entered manually or selected from other systems

    OpenVal can be used …

    • To open new securities with just one identifier and automatically receive all required linked information.
    • As a search engine to respond to specific questions about securities, e.g.:
      • What was the closing price of Novartis on 29.03.2003?
      • When is the next foreseen dividend for IBM?
    • As a direct data input to the bank's existing systems (e.g.: back-office or portfolio management systems)

    OpenVal is ready to accept and manage all your financial information:
    • Different numbering systems (ISIN, etc.)
    • Basic securities data
    • All available price types
    • Corporate Actions
    • Individual In-house data
    • Other external data sources