Predator real-time Order Routing module is allowing precise routing of orders to the chosen market place, via the selected channels (directly or via brokers) and in automatic fashion.

Predator real-time Order Routing module provides buy-side institutions with the abillity to define the routing rules based on order characteristics including client, account number, exchange, product  etc. to elctronic exchanges and broker-neutral networks worldwide.  Of course, Predator also provides the ability for orders to be manually routed between offices or sites.

It also provides buy-side institutions with a consolidated interface combining real-time market data and indications of interest with trading functionality. Generating orders is highly intuitive, whether clicking through market data or indications of interest, simply entering manually or managing baskets. User preferences can be set for default brokers, accounts and pricing, including automatic entry of the ask price for buy orders and bid price for sell orders. Program trades can also be created by importing baskets, e.g. from portfolio systems, in a variety of formats and released in waves for efficient trading. Orders status and execution values are available dynamically in real-time, including partials, average prices and report details. Executed orders can also be grouped for aggregate viewing by symbol, side, broker or account.